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"Luminous, Organic and Abstract Works, Vibrating with Colour and Tension"

Mediated Space Exhibit 2016-03-06

"Bull-Jones’ pieces have an or ganic, storytelling quality, at times nostalgic and whimsical. ... rooted in a personal response to nature and the space... engaging, moving and evoking a response in the viewer."

"Bull-Jones’ work incorporates a variety of printing processes, as well as acrylic and watercolour, creating images inspired by the patterns and dance of nature. Falling for You is a whimsical portrait of falling leaves. Contrast is evident here as well, the cool blue background of the falling leaves in Plunging Lines hangs in the same room as the hot, organic orange and cinnamon of Balanced Sizzle. There are scenes of anthropomorphized flora in the nature love-in So Special and the emerging figure in In and Out; and an illustration style in the fable-like Mystical Universe, where four elephants ride a sea turtle."

Cate McKim, blogger, life with more cowbell

See the full article here.


I have always thought normal is boring, being tidy is over rated and energy is to be spent on doing stuff you really like.

For me that is creating paintings and original prints, dancing, being outside and helping others experience these things too.

Avril Bull-Jones